6 Tips for How to Keep Cantilever Umbrella from Spinning


A cantilever umbrella can be a great addition to your backyard, providing shade and a stylish touch to your outdoor living area. However, one of the most common issues with these types of umbrellas is their tendency to spin in the wind, which can be frustrating and potentially dangerous. In this blog post, we will share some tips and tricks on how to keep your cantilever umbrella from spinning.


Understanding the Causes of Cantilever Umbrella Spin


Before we dive into solutions for keeping your cantilever umbrella from spinning, let's first understand why this happens. The main reason for a cantilever umbrella to spin is the wind. When the wind blows, it creates an imbalance of pressure on the umbrella canopy, causing it to rotate. Another contributing factor is a lack of weight at the base of the umbrella. If the base is not heavy enough, it can easily move around in the wind, causing the entire umbrella to spin.



Tips for Keeping Your Cantilever Umbrella from Spinning

Add Weight to the Base

As mentioned earlier, a lack of weight at the base of the umbrella can cause it to spin. One way to solve this problem is to add weight to the base. You can use sandbags or water-filled bases to increase the weight and stability of the umbrella. Alternatively, you can purchase a heavier base specifically designed for cantilever umbrellas.

Adjust the Angle of the Canopy

Another solution to prevent your cantilever umbrella from spinning is to adjust the angle of the canopy. By tilting the canopy slightly, you can make it more aerodynamic, reducing the chances of it spinning in the wind. To do this, simply loosen the locking mechanism and tilt the umbrella in the desired direction.

Use Wind-Resistant Materials

When purchasing a cantilever umbrella, look for one made from wind-resistant materials. These umbrellas are designed to withstand strong winds and reduce the chances of spinning. Some of the most popular materials for wind-resistant umbrellas include aluminum, fiberglass, and UV-treated polyester.

Use Wind Vents

Wind vents can also help prevent your cantilever umbrella from spinning. These vents allow air to flow through the canopy, reducing the risk of it catching the wind. Most high-quality cantilever umbrellas come with built-in wind vents.

Fold the Umbrella During Strong Winds

If you know that there will be strong winds in your area, it's best to fold your cantilever umbrella to prevent damage. This is especially important if you have a cheaper or less sturdy umbrella. By folding the umbrella, you also reduce the risk of it becoming a safety hazard.

Replace Worn-out Parts

Finally, make sure to regularly inspect your cantilever umbrella for any worn-out parts. If any of the components are damaged or broken, they can contribute to the umbrella's instability and spinning. Replace any worn-out parts as soon as possible to maintain the stability and longevity of your umbrella.





GRAND PATIO cantilever umbrella can provide a comfortable and stylish way to enjoy the outdoors, but its tendency to spin can be frustrating and potentially dangerous. By using the tips and tricks outlined in this blog post, you can keep your cantilever umbrella stable and prevent it from spinning. Remember to add weight to the base, adjust the angle of the canopy, use wind-resistant materials, employ wind vents, fold the umbrella during strong winds, and replace worn-out parts. With these solutions, you can enjoy your cantilever umbrella without worrying about it spinning away in the wind.