Cleaning Your GrandPatio Furniture

We get it, cleaning is a chore! We have made it as easy as 1, 2, 3 with our all-weather materials and unfussy finishes, designed for real life.

As beautiful as the great outdoors is, it’s a dirty world out there! Dirt, pollen, and salty air can all build up and cling to everything outdoors— including your furniture. If left unchecked, over time this can cause damage and ultimately diminish the lifespan of your pieces. Believe you me, with a little love and care, your GRAND PATIO furniture will stay looking its best year after year!

We have some quick tips on how to keep your outdoor furniture maintained and guest ready as we get into the nitty gritty of each of our materials below.

GRAND PATIO ROYAL Outdoor & Indoor Hanging Egg Swing


General Recommendations

• Regular light cleaning will prolong the life of your furniture.
• Clean messes as they happen before dirt, food, and other stains are allowed to settle.
• Always lift furniture completely off the ground while moving; never drag feet along the surface.
• Minimize the need to clean by storing indoors or covering with commercially available furniture covers (not included) when not in use or during inclement weather. Be sure the cover is gapped off the ground to allow for air circulation.
• Always clean and dry thoroughly before storing furniture.
• Sunbrella fabric is not waterproof, cushions will get wet if exposed to excessive moisture. Please see cushion care maintenance for drying tips.
• Hard city and well water from sprinklers, fertilizers, pesticides, salty sea air, and chloride from indoor pool rooms can create corrosive buildup that will degrade the finish and materials of your furniture. Furniture in these extreme conditions should be cleaned weekly.


All-Weather Wicker

One of the distinctive qualities of GrandPatio is the meticulous level of naturalism to our handwoven all-weather wicker. Built for outdoor performance with the refinement of indoor living, our highly detailed wicker is made from PE (Polyethylene) resin that is non-porous, resistant to mildew, sagging, cracking, and fading caused by UV exposure.


Care & Cleaning

• Use a mild soap and warm water solution with a soft, clean lint-free cloth or soft bristle brush to clean.
• Rinse with a garden hose nozzle on the “shower” setting.
• Dry with a soft, clean cloth.
• Reminder: Do not use abrasive materials or cleansers as this may dull the finish.

Aluminum Frames

Aluminum by its very nature is low-maintenance and will not rust. Our process goes a few steps further with a full cleaning, inside and out, and three powder coat layers- including our handbrushed technique- to create a UV and corrosion-resistant barrier that is warm and richly textured. While this is an extremely hard-wearing finish, it can chip or scratch with enough force or if it is exposed to harsh chemicals.

Care & Cleaning

• Wipe up spills immediately.
• Use a mild soap and warm water solution with a soft, clean lint-free cloth or soft bristle brush to clean periodically. Rinse with a garden hose nozzle on the “shower” setting. Do not use a pressure washer-- this is overkill and could damage the finish.
• Do not use abrasive cleaners or scrubbing materials as this may scratch and dull the finish.
• Remove cushions, pillow and any accessories before cleaning.
• Always thoroughly clean and dry before covering.

Sunbrella® Fabric

Don’t cry over spilled…anything! Sunbrella® is a solution-dyed acrylic fabric that is weather resistant and family-friendly — ready for daily living. It is resistant to stains, fading, and mildew and is very resistant to liquids, however, it is not waterproof. While Sunbrella® is mold and mildew resistant and will not allow growth within the fibers, if a cushion accumulates dirt and moisture, growth can happen on the fabric.

Care & Cleaning

• If the cushions are caught in a heavy rain, remove them from the frame and allow cushions to dry thoroughly before placing them back onto the furniture.
• For the fastest drying results, unzip the covers leaving them on the cushion cores, and place them on their edge, open side down and allow them to air dry.
• Prolong the life of your cushions by storing them in a clean, dry area or cover them with commercially available furniture covers (not included) when not in use or during inclement weather.

Dry Messes

• Use a vacuum to gently lift loose debris from the fabric.


• Blot (do not rub) liquid with a clean dry cloth. For oilbased spills, apply an absorbent such as corn starch, then remove with a straight edge.
• Spray with a solution of mild soap and water (such as Woolite® or Dawn®)
• Clean the entire surface of the fabric, from seam to seam to avoid water rings and residue.
• Rinse completely with water to remove all soap residue.
• Air dry.

For cripes sake, not a stubborn stain!

Just visit the Sunbrella® Stain Chart for further cleaning recommendations on those extra pesky stains.


Cushion Inserts

To ensure comfort and the longevity of your patio set each seat cushion is made with high-density foam. With initial use the seat cushions may feel firm, but with continued use, the cushions will continue to soften and provide the ultimate comfort for seasons to come.

What to do about waterlogged cushions?
Cushions can become water saturated with heavy water exposure. To allow cushions to air-dry properly,
follow the suggested steps:
• Unzip the cushion cover to ventilate and speed the drying process. Do not remove cushion covers.
• Place cushions upright for faster drying with the opened zipper facing down to allow for air circulation and drainage.
• Store cushions indoors during rainy seasons, inclement weather, and winter in a clean, dry, & critter-free space.

Porcelain Tile

Our porcelain tile tabletops are extremely durable and hard-wearing, making them ideal for any climate and season. Porcelain is a refined blend of clay fortified with feldspar and sand which increases its strength and resilience. The tiles are fired at extremely high temperatures that shrink surface pores and fuse the clay crystals to create tighter bonds. This produces a product that is strong, dense, less porous and has an increased resistance to staining, scratching, extreme temperatures and UV light.

Care & Cleaning

• Because this tile is nearly impervious, just use a damp cloth to clean up spills.
• If you feel a more thorough cleaning is necessary, use a mild soap and water solution with a soft, clean lint-free cloth or soft bristle brush to lift buildup.
• Spray with garden hose on “shower” setting to rinse
• Dry with a soft dry cloth


More Questions?

You may have a particular situation or mess that you would like additional guidance on. Do we have the answers? You betcha! Just email us at Give us all the details and we will help you through!